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Why Choose roll-In?

roll-in is the ideal tool for picking up fruits and nuts off the floor by both amateur and professional growers. It’s designed to encourage a beneficial body posture and to help prevent nagging back pain often associated with collecting fruits and nuts by hand. Using the Roll-in collector speeds up the gathering process, optimizes working performance and is less tiring than the tedious task of manual collection. With regards to durability, the Roll-in wires are 25 x more resistent than competitors in the market; they have been tested at 10000 hours, 4-5 million cycles, and over 25000km traveled. All test were conducted using walnuts by the Università Di Padova, Italy.

Is Roll-in an all-terrain product?

The Roll-in has been engineered to work on mostly flat and even surfaces; too rough  terrain may affect the productivity because the soil asperity could trap the object that needs to be collected. Slopes will not affect the productivity.

Can sports models be used on any court?

Our sports models can be used on any sports surface with the exception being Tarmacadam which is too abrasive for our tool and will not be covered under warranty.

How about debris and stones while collecting?

roll-in is capable of collecting on wet surfaces and in the presence of high grass, sticks, and debris. roll-in cannot recognise the type of object you need to collect; all items with similar dimensions to the desired object you want collected will be collected in the cage.

Can I use the roll-in for orchards maintenance?

We suggest using roll-in at the end of the season to collect the waste fruit, in order to prevent disease spreading and pests population.Furthermore, you can take advantage of adding value to the fruit that would otherwise be wasted at the end of the season, thanks to the Roll-in harvesting ease.

Fruit processing plants

roll-in is indicated for fruit processing plants, in order to keep neat and tidy surfaces  at low expense.

How to assemble your roll-in

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