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Pro-Collector collects Golf balls Squash ballsPing Pong balls

SPORT: on every play court


The Pro Collector is the answer to any passionate golf enthusiast: coaches, driving ranges, golf course, practice areas, squash courts and around ping pong tables. It collects up to 80 balls from muddy areas, uneven ground, long grass and water. It gathers on every turf and court, leaving no marks. It has a patented replaceable wire system that never jams.


Cage and bail, size M.

Built-in aluminium handle, in 3 pieces

Hardware kit to disassemble the wires, complete of 2 spare wires

Bucket dumper, to be used on your preferred container

Wire opener system: by a single action you easily stretch the wires to get the complete discharge in seconds.

Assembling key and instructions.

Flat-pack box.

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