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roll-in medium


roll-in medium collects WalnutsPlumsChestnuts

AGRICULTURE: for every fruit


roll-in Medium has been designed to pick-up objects with a diameter greater then 20mm. Great for walnuts, chestnuts, plums and golf balls. It has a cage capacity of 6,5 liters, and picks up an hourly rate of 25/60 kg.

As with all the roll-in range, it has replaceable and interchangeable wires: you can even take one out of two wires to collect bigger objects, like apples and tennisballs


Pre-assembled cage and bail, size M

Conical fitting, engineered to fit common rake wooden handles

Hardware kit to disassemble the wires, complete of 2 spare wires

Bucket dumper, to be used on your preferred container

Wire opener system: by a single action you easily stretch the wires to get the complete discharge in seconds.

Assembling key and instructions.

The perfect handle

With the roll-in grip you will complete the assembly of any roll-in collector with a robust and durable handle


Find out how to assembling your roll-in!
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